Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let's Talk Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Collection Eyeshadow Palette ~


 I Am So Luvn This Palette- Let me tell you why.. There's a couple of reasons why I would buy this palette again- The colors and names are a dead on in the representation of Vegas- I Am Luvn That.. We get 6 full size shadows in this palette - meaning to start off with we're getting our monies worth and that's a very good thing-While Makeup Geek's single eyeshadows are $5.99 ec. This palette with mirror sells for $37.99- When looking at it that way we can say YES That's A Savings- Thank You Very Much!!! Now Let's Talk PIGMENTATION  Can you say color payoff?!! Yesss Beautybaies the eyeshadows in this palette are rich in pigment payoff- Soft Not Chalky- No Problem With Spreadability Or Overlaying Shadows One Upon The Other Babies..

Look At This It is the first row of shadows in the Vegas Light Palette- Do you see that color payoff?! Do you see the richness and the   Swatch's are just BEAUTIFUL-  Here's row 2   and Swatch's  I Am Luvn It!! This is a Christmas must-have gift for someone this year..  Thank's For Reading My Blog- Stay Beautiful In Whatever Way Is Most Beautiful For You!! I Am Luvn You Beauty Babies!! ~

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Hot Cheek POP!! ~

Mac Florida Blush Cremeblend Is On My Cheeks! Yesssss Hot Pop My Beauty Babies This Blush Is A Summer Must Have..Let's Talk Cremeblend: Meaning this blush has a mixture of cream to powder as its finish- To me this blush is a no frizz no fuss type of blush-not wet/sticky or blotchy in its consistency! Now Let's Talk My Cheeks: Not to light or dark for me during these hot summer days- For me this could really be an all season blush--Because of its pinky/fuchsia subtle look in color its powder like finish and its dualplexity staying power I Am Luvn It!!

Let's Talk Oily Skin Shall We: I have combination skin-however some days depending on how HOT the day is. I tend to lean toward more oilier skin on my face than usual and that's a given for us combination Beauty Babies. Even in that fact I can't see where Mac Florida Blush Cremeblend has been a problem on my cheek area... Also to make our cream blush last we can use a powder blush of the same color or another on top-by layering the two helps with the dual-rosity of your blush in bring forward a gorgeous POP of  color to your cheeks.Tip: No Matter What Your Skin Type:Using Primer Under Your Makeup Will Help With The Longevity Of The Wearing Power Of Your Makeup Through Out Your Day.Lighter Skin Tones May Want To Use A Lighter Hand When Applying This Blush Do To Its Fervent Pigmentation in Color.Medium-Dark Skin Tones Mac Florida Blush Cremeblend is buildable to our liking bring out the POPIN Fabulosity In Cheek Gorgeousness for our Summer HOT Cheek Pop Look! Yesssss Beauty Babies This Is A Must Look ~Let's Talk Tool To Apply: When applying my Mac Florida Blush Cremeblend I use my Sonia Kashuk black long handle flat head brush- I also use this brush for some of my foundation applications- which makes this Sonia Kashul black long handle flat head brush an all purpose kind of brush for me you might say..  Sonia Kashuk All and all I find Mac Florida Blush Cremeblend to be 1 of my best go to Summer Hot Cheek POP Of Color Blush for 2014!! I Am Luvn This Blush!! Florida Blush Cremeblend Mac
Thank You So Much For Coming By To Read My Blog- Stay Beautiful In Whatever Way Is Most Beautiful To You!! I Am Luvn You My Beauty Babies!! Stay Strong ~
Here Are Some Pic's Of Mac Florida Blush Cremeblend I Hope You Enjoy ~

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lets Talk!!! ~

  This is the time of year we embark upon changing lots of things to make us feel a little darker/ lighter and better about our self..-- Rather its fashion/makeup/weight lost or our outlook on life in general.. 
  The things I would like for us to look at for our life during this summer- is going to be a little different.. It's called "PERMANENT CHANGE" -  So many of us need this in our life in all different kinds of ways--some of us - in about every area of our life we need a Permanent Change.. We know this is not easy.. There are those of us who have tried all kinds of things/ways to make things happen in our life and it doesn't seem to work for us as easy as it does others..--This is a noticeable fight- when you are fighting for the greater overall good in your life-- No matter what the situation- when you get to that fighting position- this usually means you have rose to the occasion of positioning your minds eye and/ body to win.. Psychologically your minds eye has told you--you are a winner in the fight..
  What we must learn on our journey to "PERMANENT CHANGE'  is that we must stay true to our self- our goals must be obtainable. Which means we must learn how to sat reachable goals-by that I mean- not the unreachable I think I can- but I know I'll never reach this goal for my life("we've had enough of that already") Set everyday goals you know you want have a problem reaching. Try never to overload yourself with nondoable things during the run of a day- this sets you up to make you feel as if you've had a failed day-- and you'll find yourself looking more at what you haven't done versus what you have accomplished.. Surround yourself with positive people and things during the day as much as you can--this makes for pleasantries.. Happiness plays a BIG  part in our life- so it's very important as well as crucial in some cases if not all-- to try to be Happy as much as we can..
   The thing to always remember on this journey- you have or you are embarking upon- is that-- all of your small accomplishments- means something to you-- by seeing your small accomplishments you will never forget your victories in however great or small your battles were.. 

                                 Thank You So Much For Coming By To Read My Blog
                              Stay Beautiful In Whatever Way Is Most Beautiful To You!!
                                     I Am Luvn You My Beauty Babies!! Stay Strong ~

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nails That Work!!! ~

Let's talk nail lacquer "Shall We?" I am so luvn the nail look I chose for the last 2 weeks-"that's right"-I said the last 2 weeks-  NOT because I was to lazy to remove it!!!--I really wanted to see how long they would last on my nails.. "Ok" so when I do my nails- I am looking for a look that will compliment my hands--For those who don't know I am in a line of work whereas my hands play a very big role in my life- so having on the right nail lacquer or polish is key.. In this nail look I decided to pair a rimmel lacquer with a revlon top coat and I am so glad I did.. When I tell you of the compliments I got on how beautiful people said my nails looked and how beautiful people said my hands were- you would not believe it--But; that's what I look for in whatever Nail Lacquer/Polish I choose!! Get The Look>>Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO #390 Burgundy Flirt--This is a durable resistant nail lacquer with shine release complex- Revlon #732 Graffiti Top Coat-This top coat-some pieces doesn't lay down properly on the nail bed-sticking upward- so lookout for that- otherwise great  top coat with shine- I put Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat.. Wow What A Beautiful Look..


<<<The pic to the left is what my nails looked like after 2 weeks of wear--Not Bad- But; bad enough for me to say its time to do my nails.. All in all I really enjoyed this nail look..  I look forward to trying it again.. The Rimmel Lacquer is very opaque- I layered only twice on each finger to obtain the coverage in color desired.. The Graffiti Top Coat does have a nice shine to it--However it can be a little messy but; it is so worth it- in that it is an unusual top coat- being clear with black and white bits of chunky whatever looking beautylicious in it "just beautifully done" and the great part about this top coat is that you can layer it over any nail look... Revlon Please Make This Top Coat With Other Colorful Chunky Beautylicious Colors ..
Thanks For Reading My Blog  ~

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mac's Morange Amplified & Revlon's Siren Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick ~

I am luvn these 2 lipstick mainly because they are so wearable on the lips
Happy I was able to find a dupe for Mac's Morange Amplified--Morange
 is Orange which is one of the lip colors for summer 2014- her price point
is $16.00 at your Mac counters-thats not bad for a highend lipstick- this 
really is a good price for such a fabulous wearing lipstick.. I don't know if
 my camera did this pic the right justice-however I can assure you this is a
dupe- Now lets talk about Revlon's Siren she is a Super Lustrous Crème
 lipstick- her color is Orange- need I say summer color 2014--Yessss Babies
she is!!!! -her price point is $7.29 "I Am Luvn That" because this means
she is in your price range--that's right in your pocket-- She is a picker-upper
From top to bottom-top being where you see my goofy so very happy for
        us Yayyyy-- is Revlon's Siren and there on the bottom is Mac's Morange-- On
                my Youtube  livingwithpsjlife  I will try to show you these 2 lipsticks on my lips-
                      Vid Coming Soon!!! Thanks Beauty Babies For Reading  My Blog-- I Am Luvn You!!! Stay Strong  ~ 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My CoverGirl BombShell ShineShadow ~

Here's 3 liquid shineshadow from the CoverGirl Bombshell Collection
I find these eye shadows to be great-- However I do not use a brush when applying
because for some reason a brush sheers them out a little to much--Using my finger
tip moving the eyeshadow around on my eyelid- helps to place the shadow a
bit more opaque- giving me that beautiful bombshell eye look I want--All of the
ShineShadow have a shine look to them- No Shimmer --So if you do not like SHINE
Babies these are not for you. >> The pic above on the left from Left to Right 305 Color
Me Money- 325 Copper Fling- 315 Gold Goddess .18floz-- The pic on the Right are
swatches so you can see the shine of the ShineShadow-- The texture of these liquid
are not sticky or tacky in anyway to the lid--I find them somewhat lightweight
with a cream like feel--dry down time is great.. I do use a shadow base on my lids to
ensure my eyeshadows stay put and not crease doing the run of a work day or night..
Go to to find your FOTD/FOTN and own your CoverGirl!
BombShell Look Baby!!!  I Am Luvn U My Beauty Babies ~

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Positioning And Repositioning Your Mind pt1 ~

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I Want You To Know "I Am Luvn You" ~