Friday, November 9, 2012

A Look Inside Of Me ~

  I've always been a writer-I've always love writing. Writing has always helped me to see what's inside of me. Writing helps to change and redirect thoughts in my life and sometimes the life and thoughts of others who may know me or others who may read something I have wrote -with that said- Please enjoy reading "A Look Inside Of Me"
  I am so happy for the life I now have and the times in which I now live. As a little girl growing up I can remember times were hard and bad for my Mother and her 7 children. She worked so hard-but-it was never enough nothing is never enough-go for more if you don't have enough- we would hear her say time and time again. We knew she wasn't happy and because she wasn't we weren't. Wow- it's funny how people can change the very thought or thoughts of who you see yourself as or who you see yourself becoming.
  I have learned in life not to look for what could have been nor what should have been. I find it is so much better to look at where I am now in life and what can I do to make my now life a life I want and need to live. I have learned unhappiness is a state of emotions wrapped up in a mindset that will not let me go- if I don't want it to-which tryed to lead me to a very dark path into a very dark and lonely place. The thing is- why would I be so set in my ways in that- I wouldn't want change in my life for me for the good of me? I do realize some changes isn't as easy as people make them out to be and some isn't as hard. In knowing this I had to find my changes and make them work for my life.
  I so love seeing the fact of how my life is- in the right change zone for me now-and the fact that- I want and need this change for my life. It feels like this is what I need to get me to where I am going. I do believe this is where I need to be-I never thought time would come around to me-but it did- wow!!.
  For some people I do know life has hand them change or changes they didn't want or needed. I have been there-it's call a take me I'm yours change.
 I guess when I look inside of me- being real with me-some of the changes I can change myself. Some I'll need the help of God to change and the rest won't matter- because- when you change- what doesn't change with you- can't go where your going. It's like- if I take no change with me- how can I say- I have changed. I have learned a change isn't a change unless or until you have changed it.
  Don't let others make you feel as if you don't have to change- because they want you to stay the same. If you are not happy with you 9 times out 10 others aren't either. Find out what you can do to make your changes in life a happy place for you. Try not to make others a main reason for your changes-bearing in mind- some of your changing could help with the changing of others.
   This world as we knew it 4 years ago has changed and it will never go back to being the same- and we shouldn't want it to. History has been made and is still in the makings-and so goes our life. This doesn't mean there aren't people out there fighting the change. However it does mean a change is in their life ready or not- for the next 4 years and or longer-because changing is like- A Forever Present Power In Our Life. My Mother is happy and loving her change in life and her changes to life. Now I hear myself saying all the time- go for more if you don't have enough-. Only you know when you've had enough-and only you know when enough is enough. You can find it with "A Look Inside Of You" ~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Domestic Diva Eye Look!!! ~

My Domestic Diva Eye Look!! Eyeshadows By DivaDollFlawless Collection.
I Am Luvn It!! Vid  Soon ~

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things About Me!!!! ~

Luvn This Eye Look!!! ~

A Pair Of My Fav--Earrings!!! ~

Luvn This FOTD!!! ~

I Don't Feel To Good Last Sunday!!! ~