Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nails That Work!!! ~

Let's talk nail lacquer "Shall We?" I am so luvn the nail look I chose for the last 2 weeks-"that's right"-I said the last 2 weeks-  NOT because I was to lazy to remove it!!!--I really wanted to see how long they would last on my nails.. "Ok" so when I do my nails- I am looking for a look that will compliment my hands--For those who don't know I am in a line of work whereas my hands play a very big role in my life- so having on the right nail lacquer or polish is key.. In this nail look I decided to pair a rimmel lacquer with a revlon top coat and I am so glad I did.. When I tell you of the compliments I got on how beautiful people said my nails looked and how beautiful people said my hands were- you would not believe it--But; that's what I look for in whatever Nail Lacquer/Polish I choose!! Get The Look>>Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO #390 Burgundy Flirt--This is a durable resistant nail lacquer with shine release complex- Revlon #732 Graffiti Top Coat-This top coat-some pieces doesn't lay down properly on the nail bed-sticking upward- so lookout for that- otherwise great  top coat with shine- I put Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat.. Wow What A Beautiful Look..


<<<The pic to the left is what my nails looked like after 2 weeks of wear--Not Bad- But; bad enough for me to say its time to do my nails.. All in all I really enjoyed this nail look..  I look forward to trying it again.. The Rimmel Lacquer is very opaque- I layered only twice on each finger to obtain the coverage in color desired.. The Graffiti Top Coat does have a nice shine to it--However it can be a little messy but; it is so worth it- in that it is an unusual top coat- being clear with black and white bits of chunky whatever looking beautylicious in it "just beautifully done" and the great part about this top coat is that you can layer it over any nail look... Revlon Please Make This Top Coat With Other Colorful Chunky Beautylicious Colors ..
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