Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holiday's My Beautiful Babies ~

Hey Babies--OMG it is so good to see all of you here with me...Just came by to check my blogspot and here you Guy's r... Thank you so very much for b'n here for me and believing in me.. Thank you  for Ur luv and support..
At the beginning of the year I am going to do more with my blogspot.. I luv writing and I luv talk'n--so I will have alot of that going on..
For those of you who would like to know how my Mother is doing.. She is doing ok--she luv'd christmas-- not like she did before she got sick--but she was very much awear of the beauty of it all..My Mother is so very beautiful in more ways than one...You will find me talk'n about her alot in my blog'n--hope you guy's don't mind..Well-- her and my makeup and other things LOL..
So my beautiful babies I hope to talk with you again real soon--until then know that I Am Luvn You!!! Happy Holiday's Stay Well  #lifeisgood ~

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Would You Like To Talk?"

Its late and I am so awake--my mind is going on and on about so much...Well maybe I'll start here and-- then the thought stops...Have U ever been there in your mind?So much to do-- it seems there is not enough time in the day or night..I started this blogspot for so many reasons--but;--mainly --see there it go's again-the thought is gone..I don't know maybe there is so much going on with me--staying focused is what I really need to think about..-My mother is feeling alot better--I find my self thinking about what a great mother she is and was--I miss her in so many ways..I stood looking at her in bed tonight--saying to myself--God please give her back to me the way she used to be--or maybe better than the way she was..Man so much and not enough time..Maybe I should take the time I have and just work with it--using it wisely..

I need to make a video for my youtube channle...I think what is happening to me is--I am spending so much time thinking about so much of what I need to do--I am not getting anything done..Have you ever felt that way in your life? Leave me a comment below letting me know..I really think I started feeling this way do to my mothers illness..Although she is nothing like the doctors said she would be--she seems to be so very happy.

My daughter has her own youtube channle now its call Carmenitha--she and I have started a weightloss challenge on youtube--Carmenitha on her channel and me livingwithvetta on my channel--we are so happy about it..She has put up a video--PLEASE go over and check her out--don't forget to encourage her by leaving a comment...This is something she and I really need to do--in putting our best life forward.. There are others who are taking this challenge with us also--who if they would like-- will leave a comment to let others know--they are taking this challenge!!! The challenge for me is to loss 50 lbs in 90 days..I need to make a video about this--I was suppose to make the video today--because the challenge started today Dec: 1st 2011..

I need to make a makeup video for my channel and I need to do it like yesterday--"God Vetta" get with it already... Look for my new video on my 50 lbs in 90 days weightloss challenge and my makeup video--I am going to give it all I got in this weightloss challenge....
Don't forget to Subscribe to livingwithvetta here on my blogspot and on youtube--Thanks Guys ~
So let me know what you guys think--"OK" well thats all I have on my mind tonight or is it morning..
I do believe in God and the power of his might--just saying... 
Remember no matter whats going on in your life or around your life--#lifeisgood