Friday, October 7, 2016

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm Works!! ~

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm
Let's Talk Bobbi Brown Cosmetics- OMG I am in luv with her brand!!  But; the point of this blog is i need to talk with you about her Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm when i tell you this balm works i mean it works... Ok Let's Talk Price i purchase mine @Bloomingdales for $96.00 bf/tax $107.00 w/tax pricey YES But; so worth it... This isn't a light weight type of balm- light weight as in it's texture- if you would look at the pic's above D-G i am attempting to show you how emollient this balm is- H shows you how sheer it rubs out...I am so excited about what has happen for me.. Let me tell you what happen to me as to why i am writing this blog-- somehow i came down with this very bad fungus under my breast and on my chest trying to keep that area clean was easy--however; i had to use alcohol and very warm water to wash and keep my hands sterilized-- I knew i  was and am very allergic to alcohol- nonetheless i told myself putting a little on my hands and washing it right off shouldn't hurt me--How wrong was i ? I notice over time my face started to look and feel dry in spots the skin  around my eyes looked and felt dry my ears became dried out as well- i went to see my aesthetician in hopes she may be able to tell me what was wrong and if maybe she could suggestion something for me to use--her suggestion a dermatologist... So long story short-- one night i am home looking at one of my fav beauty guru she's talking about how severely bad and dry her face brakes out when she fly's she said the only thing she found worked for her is this Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm.... WHAT!!! i said to myself i got to have this I am going to try this now.. I looked it up on line found out where it was sold picked it up and started using it...Let me tell you guy's this balm works for real --I wish i had before and after pic's But; i don't --all i can say to you is my severe dry skin is gone... Now let me say-- some of the dryness is still there- However; my face eyes and ears aren't severely dry like they were...So let me tell you how the dryness came about-- remember me telling you i wash my hands with warm water and alcohol? well the warm water produce steam the alcohol was on my hands steam came up into my face giving me severely dry skin in my face area it took a few weeks before i notice it-- my eyes would burn but; i didn't know why ... Anyway guy's if you find yourself in this very bad predicament and you have seek medical advice --you've tried just about everything please try Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm it really does put the moisture back... I Am So Pleased and I Am Luvn It!!!

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree

The joy of Lipstick-- I so enjoyed doing these swatches of Charlotte Tilbury's
K.I.S.S.I.N.G FALLEN FROM THE LIPSTICK TREE; $32.00-- I must tell you what they felt like on my lips, how they applied, the wear time and would I buy them again.. Let's Talk Kim K. W -- Luvn it!  not to light for me--but; i would wear alip liner with it-- in the pic's above i didn't because i wanted all lipsticks to stay true to color--Now; Let me say- nowhere on the box have i read if this lipstick is a cream,satin, silk or sheer maybe on her website it tell's you and I am sure it does we hope....Applying Kim K. W  easy to apply  went on like warm butter not greasy, tacky or sticky-- wear time:  eating or drinking from glass not long- drinking from straw you get a little play time- 2 Thumbs Up Yesssz!!  Let's Talk Liv It Up-- The same however; I well need a lip liner with Liv It Up --not to light for my skin tone-- looks great on my lips-- not greasy, sticky or tacky wear time: eating or drinking from glass not long--- drinking from straw we get a little play time with this one as well- Yesssz 2 Thumbs Up Kidman's Kiss ("Matte") Not Good Not Bad: was a little blotchy-- after fixing blotchiness by applying lipstick to the areas that was blotchy  the wear was great blotchiness did not reappear color stayed true;  wear time: eating time NO- drinking from glass NO time- drinking from a straw Yes we got a little play time- not greasy, sticky or tacky- would i buy it again yes-some things need more luvn 1 Thumb Up Yesssz!!  Let's Talk Super Cindy ("Matte") Applied  like warm butter not greasy, tacky or sticky-- wear time:  eating or drinking from glass "Last"- drinking from straw we've got playing time Babies she's on our lips Yesssz!! 2 Thumbs Up !!  Let's Talk Tell Laura ("Matte') She is so beautiful Yessssz and Yessssssz She is different as in a card holder: So easy to put on my lips this Tell Laura makes my lips looks so sexy- again it to is like warm butter spreads so freely not needing much of  this lipstick to bring out its rich color- you can see from my lip swatch above how beautiful my lips are --girl stop- and let it do what it do on you baby!!!No greasy, tacky or sticky-- We have a little red tint left on our lips but; i am good with that.. wear time:  eating or drinking from glass "Last" drinking from straw playing time Babies For real she is on our lips 2 Thumbs Up Yessssz And Yessssz!!  Now Let's Talk Bosworth's Beauty ("Matte") it wasn't just the blotchiness it was also the texture as well- would i buy it again NO it wasn't  greasy, ticky or tacky ware time: i don't know did not ware it long enough- would i ware it?  yes at some point i will--  1 Thumbs down.....

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Swatches Of Sephora Mini Haul ~