Friday, September 15, 2017

Milani Color Harmony Blush's


When I tell you i am in luv believe me Girl's--These MILANI BLUSH'S are what you need in your life-- Must Haves All Year Round- Let's Talk Price because i know you want to know12.99ec. i purchased mine from Walgreens- But i am sure you can purchase these blush's from where ever MILANI is sold or you can go to let's get into things you would really like to know such as Color, Texture, Pigmentation and Skintone--if you would take a closer look at the pic's above you'll be able to see these blush's look like they have a Satin Finish because they give a beautiful glow to your cheeks--I am luvn the fact that there is NO shimmer, glitter, sparkle products in these blush's--Girls i am happy about this because some shimmer, glitter, sparkle products can make the Texture of our face and eyelids look quite crepey and aging at times-not all but quite a few does--However the Colors are so dynamically gorgeous I believe there is a color for every Skintone--The Pigmentation is in full affect it all depends on how you luv your blush and it's finish --MILANI COLOR HARMONY BLUSH is what you want in your collection of blush's-Try 1 or 2--
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review &Swatch's
Let's  talk about what I think of the UDNHP- First of all it's pricey $54.00 for 12 eye shadows all Fall colors- it is not a standalone palette there are other colors you may have to incorporate if you're going for a pop of color are a pop of black as you can see their not in this palette - however the colors in this palette are beautiful you have 7 mattes 5 satins all go on the eyes very smooth and easy there is no blotchiness no oxidizing all 12 pans colors in the UDNHP are true to color-- Now let's talk Lasting Power if you are someone who wear eye shadow you would know it takes an eye primer and or an eye base and or both to make your eye shadow last or pop on your lids the way you want them to-- for those of you who didn't know this Yesssz babiesssz Perfection Is What We Want.....

Let's Talk Dupe In UDNHP  I was a little surprise to find dupes in this $54.00 eye shadow palette I mean i was thinking possibility but i was hoping please don't be--"Well so much for possible and hoping it wasn't" as you can see from the picture on your left in the UDNHP two of the same colors are in the UDNUBP the colors in the UDNHP are Ounce  & Ashes The colors in the UDNUBP are Blow & Lethal same colors different names I don't know how i feel about this given the fact i like both  palette's both are priced the same $54.00 am i complaining Yes and No-- I am luvn the fact the 2 can play great together there is pops of colors in the UDNUBP which can play well with UDNHP beautifully.. As you can see UDNBP and UDNB2P has one of the same colors as in the UDNHP color being Ounce UDNBP color being W.O.S  UDNB2P color being  Skimp-- 
                                                    Now here are some swatch's
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