Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's Talk Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection Face Contouring And HighLighting Kit ~


 First Let Me Say- It has been a little while me writing on my Blog-- Let me Apologize for that...Now with that said let's get into why and what you're here reading....The first thing most people talk about concerning Too Faced Cocoa Contouring Kit is the smell--It smells just like chocolate--Well-- let me say it really does and I don't like it-- To me it's a little too strong in scent for my contouring taste-- please keep in mind everyone aren't lovers of chocolate and we have some who suffer with allergies due to sensitivity of smell and or sensitivity of smells which can cause acidreflux-- I feel with something like this we should have a scented and an unscented version of it "WHAT DO YOU THINK"? --However I am a lover of Too Faced Cosmetics- I own a vast amount of their eyeshadows,bronzers,highlighers etc; I Am Luvn Them... This product retails for $40.00 is it worth it? yes and no--here is why i think YES /NO- The Smell Is A No-The Pigmentation Is A Yes - Let's talk Pigmentation for a moment-- Luvn it because the product feel smooth- somewhat silky but not- I think the silkiness of it is due to how finely milled the powder is-- Leaving it with a silky smooth texture which means it's not chalky--it glides on your face in place...  There is a HighLigher in this Kit which is shade 4 with finely milled shimmer in which the shimmer you can not feel in the powder on your face--if that makes any sense--The texture of all 4 shades in this Too Faced Contouring Kit is the same.... Over All Performance--For my skin tone the first shade of this Kit is to light for my face-however I will be able to use it for an eyeshadow- Sad thing is I have so many eyeshadows that color--Good thing is the first shade color is a matte--I Am Luvn That!! Second shade in the Kit is a matte with a somewhat brownishgrey undertone-- this color is great for contouring  my cheekbone--Now the third color in this Kit I Am In Luvn With-#Iluvmesomebronzer-Bronzer Blush and Highlight I am on it--To me this is the perfect bronzer for this Kit of course the bronzer is a matte--Sometimes I will use bronzer for contouring depending on the darkness of the shade or how orangey the color tone is--PLEASE don't contour with an orangey tone BRONZER!!! ... There're some pic's of swatches I hope you will enjoy... Thanks So Much For Stopping By Reading My Blog--Remember To Stay Beautiful In Whatever Way You Feel Is Beautiful For You!! I Am Luvn You Stay Strong ~

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Talk Fashion Fair Cometics--Shall We?!!

Let's Talk Fashion Fair Cosmetics--Shall We?
Ok Beautybabies I have a lipstick for us that is going to blow our minds!!
I am in luv-in luv I tell ya'll!! This lipstick screams spring loudly in a very sexy seductive yet classy way.This lipstick was a surprise from a friend I had no idea what to expect--only because she isn't a lipstick wearer--so when she sent it to me I was a little hesitant to say the less* anyway when I opened the boxI was like are you kidding me!! These are BEAUTIFUL I fell in luv instantly!! But--But; the one I can't get enough of is why you must go out and purchase it right now--Her name is Divine Pink she is Matte and she is gorgeous. I Am Luvn Her!!! The first pic you're looking at is done with flash-so it doesn't give us the true color nor pigmentation we needed in a matte lipstick- The # 2pic is the true color and pigmentation we're looking for in a spring matte lipstick... This matte lipstick is very smooth and soft on the lips doesn't have a roughness to the lips-doesn't look dry on the lips -doesn't comes off chapped looking or blotchy- You ask about lasting time-* it depends on you as the person and how you do what you do when you wear your lipstick for me it last hours with a very clean soft look - this is why I Luv Divine Pink so much It really is a Spring Must-Have!! Fashion Fair Lipstick can be purchase at your Fashion Fair Counters $17.50 or you can order online Fashion Here are some pic and swatches of my beloved Divine Pink Matte--This so much fun....Thanks For Coming By To Read My Blog- I Really Appreciate You!!! Stay Beautiful In Whatever Way Is Most Beautiful To You - You Are Beautiful!!IMG-20150321-00493.jpg
                  I Am Luvn You Beautybabies Stay Strong ~