Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lets Talk!!! ~

  This is the time of year we embark upon changing lots of things to make us feel a little darker/ lighter and better about our self..-- Rather its fashion/makeup/weight lost or our outlook on life in general.. 
  The things I would like for us to look at for our life during this summer- is going to be a little different.. It's called "PERMANENT CHANGE" -  So many of us need this in our life in all different kinds of ways--some of us - in about every area of our life we need a Permanent Change.. We know this is not easy.. There are those of us who have tried all kinds of things/ways to make things happen in our life and it doesn't seem to work for us as easy as it does others..--This is a noticeable fight- when you are fighting for the greater overall good in your life-- No matter what the situation- when you get to that fighting position- this usually means you have rose to the occasion of positioning your minds eye and/ body to win.. Psychologically your minds eye has told you--you are a winner in the fight..
  What we must learn on our journey to "PERMANENT CHANGE'  is that we must stay true to our self- our goals must be obtainable. Which means we must learn how to sat reachable goals-by that I mean- not the unreachable I think I can- but I know I'll never reach this goal for my life("we've had enough of that already") Set everyday goals you know you want have a problem reaching. Try never to overload yourself with nondoable things during the run of a day- this sets you up to make you feel as if you've had a failed day-- and you'll find yourself looking more at what you haven't done versus what you have accomplished.. Surround yourself with positive people and things during the day as much as you can--this makes for pleasantries.. Happiness plays a BIG  part in our life- so it's very important as well as crucial in some cases if not all-- to try to be Happy as much as we can..
   The thing to always remember on this journey- you have or you are embarking upon- is that-- all of your small accomplishments- means something to you-- by seeing your small accomplishments you will never forget your victories in however great or small your battles were.. 

                                 Thank You So Much For Coming By To Read My Blog
                              Stay Beautiful In Whatever Way Is Most Beautiful To You!!
                                     I Am Luvn You My Beauty Babies!! Stay Strong ~

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