Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mac's Morange Amplified & Revlon's Siren Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick ~

I am luvn these 2 lipstick mainly because they are so wearable on the lips
Happy I was able to find a dupe for Mac's Morange Amplified--Morange
 is Orange which is one of the lip colors for summer 2014- her price point
is $16.00 at your Mac counters-thats not bad for a highend lipstick- this 
really is a good price for such a fabulous wearing lipstick.. I don't know if
 my camera did this pic the right justice-however I can assure you this is a
dupe- Now lets talk about Revlon's Siren she is a Super Lustrous Crème
 lipstick- her color is Orange- need I say summer color 2014--Yessss Babies
she is!!!! -her price point is $7.29 "I Am Luvn That" because this means
she is in your price range--that's right in your pocket-- She is a picker-upper
From top to bottom-top being where you see my goofy so very happy for
        us Yayyyy-- is Revlon's Siren and there on the bottom is Mac's Morange-- On
                my Youtube  livingwithpsjlife  I will try to show you these 2 lipsticks on my lips-
                      Vid Coming Soon!!! Thanks Beauty Babies For Reading  My Blog-- I Am Luvn You!!! Stay Strong  ~ 

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