Saturday, July 30, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree

The joy of Lipstick-- I so enjoyed doing these swatches of Charlotte Tilbury's
K.I.S.S.I.N.G FALLEN FROM THE LIPSTICK TREE; $32.00-- I must tell you what they felt like on my lips, how they applied, the wear time and would I buy them again.. Let's Talk Kim K. W -- Luvn it!  not to light for me--but; i would wear alip liner with it-- in the pic's above i didn't because i wanted all lipsticks to stay true to color--Now; Let me say- nowhere on the box have i read if this lipstick is a cream,satin, silk or sheer maybe on her website it tell's you and I am sure it does we hope....Applying Kim K. W  easy to apply  went on like warm butter not greasy, tacky or sticky-- wear time:  eating or drinking from glass not long- drinking from straw you get a little play time- 2 Thumbs Up Yesssz!!  Let's Talk Liv It Up-- The same however; I well need a lip liner with Liv It Up --not to light for my skin tone-- looks great on my lips-- not greasy, sticky or tacky wear time: eating or drinking from glass not long--- drinking from straw we get a little play time with this one as well- Yesssz 2 Thumbs Up Kidman's Kiss ("Matte") Not Good Not Bad: was a little blotchy-- after fixing blotchiness by applying lipstick to the areas that was blotchy  the wear was great blotchiness did not reappear color stayed true;  wear time: eating time NO- drinking from glass NO time- drinking from a straw Yes we got a little play time- not greasy, sticky or tacky- would i buy it again yes-some things need more luvn 1 Thumb Up Yesssz!!  Let's Talk Super Cindy ("Matte") Applied  like warm butter not greasy, tacky or sticky-- wear time:  eating or drinking from glass "Last"- drinking from straw we've got playing time Babies she's on our lips Yesssz!! 2 Thumbs Up !!  Let's Talk Tell Laura ("Matte') She is so beautiful Yessssz and Yessssssz She is different as in a card holder: So easy to put on my lips this Tell Laura makes my lips looks so sexy- again it to is like warm butter spreads so freely not needing much of  this lipstick to bring out its rich color- you can see from my lip swatch above how beautiful my lips are --girl stop- and let it do what it do on you baby!!!No greasy, tacky or sticky-- We have a little red tint left on our lips but; i am good with that.. wear time:  eating or drinking from glass "Last" drinking from straw playing time Babies For real she is on our lips 2 Thumbs Up Yessssz And Yessssz!!  Now Let's Talk Bosworth's Beauty ("Matte") it wasn't just the blotchiness it was also the texture as well- would i buy it again NO it wasn't  greasy, ticky or tacky ware time: i don't know did not ware it long enough- would i ware it?  yes at some point i will--  1 Thumbs down.....

I hope you enjoyed my lipstick swatch's and blog review-- Thanks so much for stopping by reading my blog I do appreciate you in every way... Stay Beautiful in whatever way you
 see yourself as  being Beautiful  (*o*) I Am Luvn You Stay Strong ~