Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Would You Like To Talk?"

Its late and I am so awake--my mind is going on and on about so much...Well maybe I'll start here and-- then the thought stops...Have U ever been there in your mind?So much to do-- it seems there is not enough time in the day or night..I started this blogspot for so many reasons--but;--mainly --see there it go's again-the thought is gone..I don't know maybe there is so much going on with me--staying focused is what I really need to think about..-My mother is feeling alot better--I find my self thinking about what a great mother she is and was--I miss her in so many ways..I stood looking at her in bed tonight--saying to myself--God please give her back to me the way she used to be--or maybe better than the way she was..Man so much and not enough time..Maybe I should take the time I have and just work with it--using it wisely..

I need to make a video for my youtube channle...I think what is happening to me is--I am spending so much time thinking about so much of what I need to do--I am not getting anything done..Have you ever felt that way in your life? Leave me a comment below letting me know..I really think I started feeling this way do to my mothers illness..Although she is nothing like the doctors said she would be--she seems to be so very happy.

My daughter has her own youtube channle now its call Carmenitha--she and I have started a weightloss challenge on youtube--Carmenitha on her channel and me livingwithvetta on my channel--we are so happy about it..She has put up a video--PLEASE go over and check her out--don't forget to encourage her by leaving a comment...This is something she and I really need to do--in putting our best life forward.. There are others who are taking this challenge with us also--who if they would like-- will leave a comment to let others know--they are taking this challenge!!! The challenge for me is to loss 50 lbs in 90 days..I need to make a video about this--I was suppose to make the video today--because the challenge started today Dec: 1st 2011..

I need to make a makeup video for my channel and I need to do it like yesterday--"God Vetta" get with it already... Look for my new video on my 50 lbs in 90 days weightloss challenge and my makeup video--I am going to give it all I got in this weightloss challenge....
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So let me know what you guys think--"OK" well thats all I have on my mind tonight or is it morning..
I do believe in God and the power of his might--just saying... 
Remember no matter whats going on in your life or around your life--#lifeisgood

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  1. Happy Holiday's Everyone!!! I Am Luvn U Guy's!!Thanks For Becoming Aprat Of My Blogspot--U Guy's R The Best... #lifeisgood ~