Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holiday's My Beautiful Babies ~

Hey Babies--OMG it is so good to see all of you here with me...Just came by to check my blogspot and here you Guy's r... Thank you so very much for b'n here for me and believing in me.. Thank you  for Ur luv and support..
At the beginning of the year I am going to do more with my blogspot.. I luv writing and I luv talk'n--so I will have alot of that going on..
For those of you who would like to know how my Mother is doing.. She is doing ok--she luv'd christmas-- not like she did before she got sick--but she was very much awear of the beauty of it all..My Mother is so very beautiful in more ways than one...You will find me talk'n about her alot in my blog'n--hope you guy's don't mind..Well-- her and my makeup and other things LOL..
So my beautiful babies I hope to talk with you again real soon--until then know that I Am Luvn You!!! Happy Holiday's Stay Well  #lifeisgood ~

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  1. I am try'n to unfollow my self--Can someone help me?? I was try'n to follow another bloger and followed my self..I am afarid to block myself--Thinking I may not be able to get back in to my blog.... Please Help!!! This is so DOGGONE-STUPID!!!!MMMMmmmmT