Thursday, September 29, 2011

Luvn My Sigma Brush's ~

I just want'd to tell everyone about my brushs--goodness I have so many--where do I start.."Ok" I'll start here with my Sigma Brush's--I have a couple I am sure U guy's have heard of -Its the 3 brush set--well thats what I call them--they were $42.00--my shipping & handling was $5.35= $47.35...The name of the brush's r the f82-Round Top Kabuki--the f80-Flat Top Kabuki and the f84-Angled Top Kabuki..U also get a gift of a small blending-E25 so cuite..I like the look of all three-the f82-Round Top Kabuki reminds me of the sephora professionnel mineral powder bursh 45--but it doesn't matter because I am luvn them....

My next set of Sigma Brush's is the Make Me Crazy Set which is in a beautiful Purple Leather stand up holder--I can use as 2 holder for my bursh's--Smile'n BIG :-)))) 1 holder = 2.. "Ok"in the holder I got 12 bursh's Lg.Angled Contour-F40- Lg.Powder Brush-F30- Duo Fibre-F50- Pencil-E30- Eye Shading-E55- Medium Angled Shading-E70- Lg. Shader-E60- Concealer-F70- Foundation Brush-F60- Tapered Blending-E40- Small Angle-E65- Eye Liner-E05--and the small blending-E25 as a gift so cuite...I Am Luvn all of these brush's--I am think'n about do'n twit pic's on twitter and may b a vid about the brush's on youtube--you guy's can tell me what you think--may b both--I don't know....But anyway I luv buying brush's and all kinds of makeup and I luv talk'n about it-I guess this is why I've start'd a blog---"Ohhh Yea" the amount of my Sigma Make Me Crazy Brush Set was $99.00-shipping & handling was $7.90 = $106.90--would I buy them again?? Mmmm--Yes I would!!!.. *lifeisgood* ~  

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  1. This is a beautiful set Ms. Vette,I have seen those purple brushes on the website. I own the eye set, now I want the face set. I love my Sigma brushes.